LSLPM provides a full range of landscaping and property management services.
Services we provide include:
Landscape Design - We have many years of experiential learning in the field of Landscaping, but a little formal training can be a great thing, so Maureen went back to school and earned a Landscape Design Certificate from NHTI. What she learned has become invaluable, and has made us better at what we do. Designs and Plans are all part of a process. That process starts with the landowner and what they want and need. We then apply our knowledge and experience, and through a series of consultations arrive at a plan.We can then go forward to get any needed approvals.
Landscaping - We provide a full range of Landscape Services from installations to renovations. We maintain landscapes. We mow, garden, plow, shovel, and do whatever is needed to keep our customer's landscapes beautiful. Here we like to be creative too, and often our unique innovations have led to amazing results.
Property Management - We focus on residential property management. Every customer seems to want a different degree of help around their property, and we work with them to satisfy their expectations. Our ultimate goal is to manage properties so that our customers can enjoy them without concern or worry. Over time we are finding that we are reducing the number of customers we work for, but increasing what we do for them.